I loved it all… It was a fantastic adventure. Our holiday was incredible thanks to a wonder bunch of people helping us take care of everything. The service was incredible. I highly recommend

Matthew Maichuk

As I think I have already said I very much appreciated the expertise and personalized service and would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to use your service.


Thank you so much for helping us planning a beautiful vacation. The train ride was reasonably fast (approximately 3-3.5 hours ). The hotels were beautiful in both places and could not have had a be

Mia and Sandy

We had a great knowldge about plants, animals, religion and interesting stories of summiting Mt. Everest

Lukas Shaw

About Us

A brief history of Nepalese Encounters

1970: Durga Datta Pahari gave rest to backpackers who traveled overland on the Hippie trail. In time, trekkers increased creating a demand for guest houses which made Durga Guest House later renamed into Hotel Mandala.

1993: Durga Datta Pahari's Son, Narayan graduated in civil engineering and began traveling to Europe.1994> Narayan's traveling influenced the building of Hotel Mandala with inside bath, large sunny gardens and modern facilities.

1996: To further the quality of service, Narayan went off to study Tourism in Australia. Narayan has visited many colleges and universities during his study period in Australia

2001: After returning from Australia, Narayan developed NEPALESE ENCOUNTERS TOURS AND TRAVEL (PVT.) LTD. A traveling service, for foreigners as well as Nepalese.


Why Nepalese Encounters:-

Why Social Give Back and Responsible Trek in Annapurna Region?
Trekkers have been enjoying and exploring the Annapurna region for more than five decades now, but in five decades what's changed? Has local life been influenced positively? Has deforestation ceased? Are people still migrating to urban areas? Have flora and fauna been conserved? And many more questions are still being asked.

Forget what happened in the past and see the future now. Nobody will answer these questions if we can't answer for ourselves. So let's join together, hand in hand, now. The answer is responsible tourism and social give back and we are focusing on these two things in our Trek. We are all learners. Let's learn from the locals and the locals may also learn from the trekkers. Whether we are tourists or locals, we are all in same boat in terms of responsible tourism.

Some tips are summarised for Responsible Tourism in the Annapurna region.

1. Minimise your consumption of beverages, like Coke and Fanta, where most of the money slips from the local pocket.
2. Stay in lodges which use Bio-Gas or Solar power for heating and other purposes.
3. Hire local guides and porters.
5. Use filtered local or boiled water or mineral and drinking water produced in the Annapurna region.
6. Buy handicrafts and souvenirs which have been locally produced in the Annapurna region.

Nepalese Encounters is implementing social give back and responsible tourism tips to make the Annapurna region better for all of us. Our future projects are: providing an e-Library for Schools; hospitality training for the local business people; bringing back all the plastics left in the Annapurna region for recycling; 'greening' all trekking routes and providing moral and financial support for young and under privileged groups.