I loved it all… It was a fantastic adventure. Our holiday was incredible thanks to a wonder bunch of people helping us take care of everything. The service was incredible. I highly recommend

Matthew Maichuk

As I think I have already said I very much appreciated the expertise and personalized service and would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to use your service.


Thank you so much for helping us planning a beautiful vacation. The train ride was reasonably fast (approximately 3-3.5 hours ). The hotels were beautiful in both places and could not have had a be

Mia and Sandy

We had a great knowldge about plants, animals, religion and interesting stories of summiting Mt. Everest

Lukas Shaw

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Nepal is full of exciting and varied destinations. From the bustling urban environment to the remote and tranquil, and everything in between. Whatever your desired experience, there is a destination or activity in Nepal to fulfill your preference.

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